In Students you can add, edit, or delete students. 

The grid view will display each Student Code, Student Name, Nickname, and Current Status.

You can print or download a list of students using the printer or Excel icons on the right, above the grid view.

The grid view will display the first 15 students by default, and any additional students will be displayed in separate pages. There is a count for how many students are available and how many are being displayed on the page out of those available. The arrows can be used to move between pages.

You can search for Students using their Name, Nickname, or Code.

To add a student, click on the Add Student icon on the top right. Here you can add the Student’s Name, Grade, and Rate Category. Click Save and Close to save the student and go back to the Student screen.

The action buttons in the Actions column allow you to Delete or View a Student.

To Delete a Student, click on the Delete icon. The Student’s name will appear for confirmation on the top left of the screen, if you wish to Delete, click Yes.

To View a Student, click on the View icon. In Student View you can view Billing History, Billing Configuration, Personal Information, Student Information, Family, and Transaction History of each student.