In Organization you can manage a number of settings for the organization such as adding a Logo, Legal Name, Tax ID, Display Name, Time Zone, and Contact Information. The organization type is predefined by the system and the Org Id is a code assigned for each organization when it is established. This code is listed in eAdventist for each organization and should not be updated unless a change is initiated and approved at the Conference for this code. 

You are able to add a logo by clicking on the logo icon and then clicking Upload which will allow you to browse to and select an existing image you have saved. After selecting the image, you can click Save and Close to save your Logo which will display on many reports and documents. If you wish to change/replace the photo click upload again to browse through again and remember to click Save and Close after. 

In the Contact section you can update the organization’s address, phone, email, and URL and these items will display on many reports and documents.

In the Appearance section you can edit the Background Color which is used currently for the name and the horizontal line at the top of the screen as well as the background color when multiple organizations are available in the Switch Organization screen. 

In the Security section you can enable Two-factor authentication. “For organizations that enable this setting, users will need to go to their Account and enable Two-Factor authentication using one of the available methods before they can access that organization.