In Weekly Donations you can add new donation batches, in which you will be able to manually enter envelopes, import them from a file, or download them from Adventist Giving. Typically, you would have a weekly donation for each Sabbath, and possibly a few more each week if separate offerings are collected. A weekly donation batch should coincide with each deposit. The grid view will display each weekly Donation batch Date, Closed status, number of Envelopes, Amount, Entry Type, and the user who Created the batch.

You can print or download a list of weekly donations using the printer or Excel icons on the right, above the grid view.

The grid view will display the first 15 weekly donations by default, and any additional weekly donations will be displayed in separate pages. There is a count for how many weekly donations are available and how many are being displayed on the page out of those available. The arrows can be used to move between the pages.

You can search for weekly donations using the preset date ranges, or a custom date range, and you can filter the results using the Closed checkbox.

There are action buttons on the right to manage and delete each weekly donation. However, you may not delete a weekly donation that has already been closed.

New weekly donation batches can be added by selecting Add Weekly Donation in the top-right corner above the grid view.