The purpose of the Voided Envelopes Report is to give a listing of all envelopes that have been voided in a defined period, including to display the envelopes original amount and replacement amount. The report will also display who voided the envelope and when as well as which subsequent remittance it was included in. 

The report screen will display a message that “Your Report is ready! Please Run Report”.

You can click on “Run Report” and the report will generate based on the default filter settings.

In the filter menu, you can set a date, make a selection for Donor, and search by Original Envelope Amount. The clear button will remove any recent selection made in the filter fields and the apply button will run the report including any changes made to the filter.

The Sort menu can be used to sort the data on the report by Donation Date with an Ascending or Descending sort direction option.

The report has four print options.

The envelope icon can be used to send the report by email.

The floppy disk icon can be used to download the report as a PDF or Excel file.

The laptop icon can be used to open the report in a new tab or window depending on your browsers settings.

The gear icon can be used to set up page size and margin configurations for the report.