In Remittance, you will see a summary of the annual remittance reports, close remittance periods, and send remittances to the conference. The remittance periods in the current year will be displayed by default. The grid view will display by each Month the Total Received, Corrections, the Adjusted Total (total received less corrections), the amount Remitted and Retained, and whether the remittance period has been Closed & Paid, and whether the remittance has been sent to the conference.

You can use the drop down on the left, above the grid view to select the year of the remittance period.

You can print or download the details for the selected period’s remittance periods using the printer or Excel icon on the right, above the grid view.

There are action buttons on the right to close, send, or view each remittance period, or to print a remittance report. The Close button, and the Send button will gray out when the remittance has been sent or closed.

There is a summary of the Total Amount Sent in the current year as well as the Amount Retained in the current year. The conference where remittance funds will be sent is listed above the summary.

You can send a remittance by selecting the paper airplane symbol next to the remittance period, or by selecting Process Remittance at the top-right corner of the screen.