In User Management you can assign users to specific roles and view what permissions have been granted to that user through the roles they are assigned to. You can also resend the invitation email for the account if it has not been registered yet. 

In Roles there are two sections, Assigned Roles and Inherited Roles. You can assign a user to different roles in the Assigned Roles section by searching the available roles and adding an expiration date as well as indicating if it is active or not. The Inherited Roles section will display any roles that are setup based on system configurations for the user. 

In Permissions you can view all of the permissions that have been granted to the selected user. These permissions are inherited based on the roles that the user has been assigned to or inherited from. This allows you to see what the user has access to for menu items and screens as well as if they are able to only view (read), make changes (write), and add or delete.  

You can print or download a list of permissions using the printer or excel icons on the right above the grid view.

You can search for permissions using their type, name, or operation.