In Schedules you can view the different schedules that make up the Financial Statements as well as add new ones. Each Financial Statement has specific schedules that are used to populate the values and these schedules define what accounts and departments make them up. The grid view will display each schedules Code, Name, and if it is Enabled.

You can print or download a list of schedules using the printer or excel icons on the right above the grid view.

In the filter you can search by code or title and you can choose which enabled selection to include.

There are action buttons on the right for each schedule to edit or delete the schedules; however, you may not delete a schedule that has been configured for in a statement. 

When adding a new schedule or editing an existing schedule a screen will display allowing you to populate the Code and Name as well as if it is enabled or not.

When selecting the Calculate All Schedules button a screen will display allowing you to select an Accounting Year and Month and then calculate updated values for all schedules for that defined period to ensure all transactions have been included in the next statement run.