In Report Layout you can setup and edit the layout used by the system for check printing. The default setup to use is a Blank Check Stock where the entire check is printed on Blank Check Security Paper. This can be configured; however, to match preprinted check stock as needed. The grid view will display the Name and Description.

You can search for reports layout using their name.

There are action buttons on the right for each report layout to edit, delete or view the report layout.

The report layout can be set up by creating a Name and a Description. 

When clicking the gear icon next to the created report layout, it will display a setup of the report layout. The Report Layout Setup will allow you hide certain fields that display by default for the Blank Check Stock, or to resize or reposition the layout of items that should remain. You can do so by clicking on a field and dragging it to a different position or by adjusting it’s placement relative to the Top or Left edge. You can also update the font that will be used for each field. If items are rearranged in a way that you need to start over you may use the Reset Default Fields Location to have them placed in the original position again.