In Chart Sync any new updates to the Global Chart of Accounts will be published and made available for each organization to incorporate. The items that will be released to each organization include new Division Standard Accounts, Components, Departments, and Offerings for Churches. Notifications will appear to inform you when a new item has been released and the Chart Sync process should be run to bring the item into your organization for use. The grid view will display each chart syncs title, type, deployed by, status, and date it was deployed.

There is a filter where you may search by title, or choose to include certain Chart types, org type, or state. 

There are action buttons on the right for each chart sync to view details about that specific chart sync. 

After selecting the action for view you can see additional details such as the title, chart type, release date, and when it was deployed and by whom. 

You can click Search Updates on the top right of the screen to see if there are any available updates of chart syncs and you can choose to complete the chart sync for all chart types at once or only for certain chart types individually.